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Anna Dressed in Blood (Anna, #1)

Anna Dressed in Blood (Anna, #1) - Kendare Blake As seen on Stumptown Books.

I really liked this book right after I put it down, and thought it surprisingly good. Thankfully I would not classify this as a paranormal romance. It's YA and paranormal, but the entire book is more about adventure than it is romance. However, Young Adult books just don't stick with me. It's probably because they are so easy to read, I devour them just as quickly as they exit. I loved Anna Dressed In Blood but it definitely has fallen victim to this trend - I read it in about a day, but now it has been a few weeks and the details are fading quickly.

I feel like I did this book a disservice by reading it so fast. There was some sort of weird crazy back story with the bad guy, and I'm already not entirely sure what went down there. It made sense as I read it, but I tried to explain it to my partner just now and after a few minutes I was floundering, trying to recall exactly what "the twist" was. The writing is awesome though and that's what carried me through the story. I was able to imagine everything with the vivid descriptors. The characters were a little less strong - Anna was great, but the whole troupe of high schoolers was one unmemorable blob for me.

I am a total wimp when it comes to being scared. I had issues with Zombieland for crying out loud, and I know that I just need to steer clear of anything that is remotely scary. Although for some reason The Walking Dead comic books were fine, but the TV show? Oh hell no. I couldn't make it past the opening 2 minutes when he's running down the abandoned hospital corridors. Shudder. Also I've never seen The Mummy because I was pretty convinced nightmares would ensue.

So, as you can see, I DO NOT LIKE THE SCARY. My imagination goes wild and pretty soon axe murderers are creeping up my stairwell and zombies await me every time I open my front door. I was wary at first to pick up Anne Dressed in Blood because a number of reviewers had talked about how scary it was, but I thought, C'mon, it's YA, how scary can it be?

Suffice it to say, I was right. Anne is not scary. At all. No nightmare inducing crazy rampage ghost here, it is told in simple enough language that no goosebumps occur. I feel that if you don't like gore but you can handle The Hunger Games, then if you don't like scary, you can handle Anna. So if that is keeping you from reading it, don't let it. The most horrifying thing is why and how Anna became a ghost in the first place.

I like Cas' voice and internal monologue, but he didn't stick with me long. The characters were forgettable (except Anna), and the story was forgettable, but it was a nice quick read that will have you questioning your sanity while you root for the serial killer.

So over all, I thought it was regrettably forgettable, but I really enjoyed it while I read it. Great summer read, and I will definitely be checking out the sequel. Which, coincidentally, was published today, so grats Ms. Blake!

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