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The Old Man and the Wasteland

The Old Man and the Wasteland - Nick Cole As seen on Stumptown Books.

It is hard to write a review for this because I didn't feel much of anything. I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it, and it falls into the "just ok" pile. I'm not faunching at the bit to recommend it to my friends like other purchases I've made on the Amazon marketplace.

The book is short, clocking in at only 150 pages, so that makes it easy to read in just a few hours. The writing is simplistic, as it attempts to echo words from Hemingway's classic The Old Man and the Sea. While the vocabulary in The Sea won't send anyone running for a dictionary (credit to Faulkner for that observation), it is a classic for a reason, and I feel that perhaps it may have been a bit ambitious to use it as the backdrop for this novel. The symbolism that resonates with the reader as a human in The Sea wasn't here for me in The Wasteland. Instead the Old Man wanders around the post-apocalyptic desert stumbling into amazing and unlikely scenarios, again and again. The number of coincidences was astonishing and colored my enjoyment of the novella, as no matter what, something absurd would occur that would save him.

The epilogue was one of the worst things I've ever read. Talk about ruining the rest of your book! I wish I had just stopped at the last chapter instead of actually finishing it.

Honestly, the best part of the book was that I reread The Old Man and the Sea to prepare for it!

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