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I like fantasy. The end.
Dragonmaster (Storm of Wings Trilogy) - Chris Bunch You know that feeling you get when you know the answer. That is such an awesome feeling. Today at the bookstore I work at, I overheard someone saying, "Gosh I wish I could find that one dragon series I read so long ago."

"Try me!" I said, sneaking up on him.

He jumped. " probably won't know it. I've been looking for like 10 years, I've tried here, I've tried the library. Nobody knows what it is."

"But what if I'm that one person!" I say enthusiastically, straightening the book he just put back on the shelf.

"Well it was like 12 or 13 years ago. It had dragons but they were mostly used as scouts and mounts, that sort of thing."

I immediately say, with practically no hesitation or screwing up my face or regarding the ceiling in case the answer is up there, "Maybe Dragonmaster by Chris Bunch?"

"Maybe? Where is it?"

It was conveniently on the next aisle over. "Here we go, take a look at that. Looks like it was published in 2002? Is that too recent?"

"Oh my god. I think she got it," he said, turning to his companion. "THIS IS TOTALLY IT. DUDE HIGH FIVE."

"Awesome! On my first try!" I fist pump the air (I always do that when I get a book right, I'm such a bro). "You're just lucky, I happen to have read it last summer."

"Oh yeah it's a great series. Did you like it?"

ummmmm...I think I mumbled something and shuffled off to do work at that point. It was ALMOST worth reading this book just to answer that question. But it still gets one star.

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