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The Silver Metal Lover - Tanith Lee If I have even a sip of wine (or MORE, which is very possible and happens with some frequency), it's like a muscle is relaxed in my tear ducts and I find myself tearing up at just about everything. My most recent experience with this was at a local production musical of the movie "Somewhere in Time." I have never seen the movie, had no idea what it was about, but there was a bar offering wine so WHY NOT. Suddenly there were chords and pure voices and I was crying. My mom who loves the movie was amazed at my emotion. Especially since she didn't like the musical much.

Being tired evokes the same reaction. Sometimes I watch episodes of Star Trek to help me go to sleep, and the nostalgia overwhelms me and when Bones says something snide to Spock I smile and cry.

I'm not tired (well I'm always a little tired), I'm not drunk (I'm at work so you know this is true), I'm crying like a big baby at things like "He put his head forward into my hands. As I ran my fingers through his hair, I felt a little still shock."

I'm paraphrasing. Just. Ugh. I am racing to the end. Scared of what awaits me there but I can't stop.


So so close to being just perfect, but lost it at the end. Giving it 5 stars because I still loved it, but it's closer to 4.5. Seriously, this is full of spoilers, DO NOT CLICK if you haven't read it: she tries to kill herself over losing love, which right away I'm like BOO because I don't want any sort of culture where this is seen as okay. But then, his spirit contacts her through a ouija board and again, BOO because why did it have to be supernatural, their love was more than that.

Still, Tanith Lee is a gorgeous writer and passages would move me to tears. Most of all, this is a story about love and loss, and we can all understand that.

I would consider this a "chick lit" book. With robots! Really awesome. I can't wait to read more Tanith Lee, the more familiar I get with her prose the more I like it, but it is very unique and can take some getting used to.


It's been a few hours, and the ending actually left me more soured than I wanted to admit. Putting it down to 4 stars. As I said to my partner just now (again, spoilers for the end of the book, DO NOT READ unless you know what happens) "I don't think rape is ever okay, ever. I feel the same way about killing yourself, and anytime that's spun in a 'well it all worked out' kind of light, it makes me mad." So yeah, actually, I'm pretty mad about it. The ending was building up to be amazing but left me totally flat :(

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