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I like fantasy. The end.
The Summer Prince - Alaya Dawn Johnson I'm...not sure. More thoughts, later.


There were parts of this book that had me saying Yes, YES! More! I loved that sexuality was ambiguous and no one really cared who you were sleeping with. The main character's mother was in a heterosexual relationship but after her husband died, married a lady. Gotta love that. The love triangle is about a girl and a guy in love with the same guy for once, instead of two guys in love with the same girl.

Art and talking about art and how art is everything when you're an artist. Loved all the descriptions and that art was so important.

I loved that the characters all loved the city. So many dystopias are all about hating where you live, fuck the man, the machine of life will grind you down, etc. But here, even though it was deadly serious, there was also a lot of love and good feelings going around.

On the other hand...

The main character was whiny and privileged and also whiter than everyone else for some reason? Not sure why that was necessary.

The middle part got really boring. There was a lot of running around and introspection and general doldrums. Then when the main couple left the city, there was actually no purpose at all to that. It didn't accomplish anything except say to me the author was confused and didn't know where to go with her story.

The logic behind the "summer prince." It was pretty ridiculous and the holes in that kind of political system are obvious from a mile away.

It could have been a lot better.

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