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The River of Shadows - Robert V.S. Redick The weakest installment of the series, for a number of reasons.

All of the bad guys were intangible. Arunis was hardly in it at all, and a new big baddie, Macadra, was introduced, who was only actually visible for 3 or 4 pages. Instead, there was a lot of our group of heroes talking about how the end of the world was nigh and how gee we'd better do something about it but SIGH life is hard.

Not nearly enough Chathrand. They sailed...I dunno...maybe 50 miles all told in this book. From about the halfway point on they weren't on the boat AT ALL, and the climax of the novel was all inland. I don't know, I like the Chathrand a lot. It's practically a character in its own right, and I felt it didn't get nearly enough time in the spotlight.

There were some interesting reveals and plot twists, but I'm glad there's only one book left. I'm interested, but I can only take oh so many shifting loyalties or taking off the mask like a Scooby Doo episode to reveal, GASP! Old Man Withers! Who would've guessed?

All that said, I am enjoying this series and feel it should be more well known. I am definitely invested and want to know what happens to the characters.

Felthrup is the best character. More Felthrup please! (also I am going to state this theory here just in case I'm right after the next book. I think Felthrup is the "editor" who shows up every once in a while. Call me crazy, but there were a few dropped lines that had that idea blossoming unbidden)

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