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I like fantasy. The end.
Fudoki - Kij Johnson, Claire Eddy "Every cat is an echo of the first cat I knew, the little nun, Shisutako."

"And it was twilight one day in the ninth month, and the world was shades of dim purple, like my subtlest robes. The little nun stepped slowly off the veranda to a stone, and then to the round gravel of my courtyard, her fur taking on the same lilac tones as the air. She made her unsteady way toward the mossy shadows beneath a copse of red and white pine in the gardens. "Wait-" I said to her, but she was well beyond the sound of my voice, and had never attended me in any case. She paused for a moment at the copse's edge to carefully sniff some small bush; and then she stepped tidily into the darkness, and did not return."

I can't handle this book, everything about cats is making me cry.


Finished now. The passage I quoted above is still the best part of the book. The first third was the best, but the tortoiseshell's storyline got pretty boring. I also was waiting to hear more about Domei, but it never happened. At the end I thought it was rather unsatisfactory, but I think she was going for a "we end up regretting more in our life than is ever resolved and you're not gonna get an epiphany with this book cause death isn't like that." I KNEW that, but I still wanted it. I wanted there to be some tearful gathering of old friends before going on the final journey.

The first 60 pages or so are brilliant though.

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