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The Little Prince - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Katherine Woods I am at happy hour the other day, enjoying a pint. Both of the bartenders are cute young ladies serving mostly the regulars that come in around that time. One gentleman pays and leaves, then comes back a few minutes later with a wrapped package.

"I wanted to give this to you," he says.

"Oh my goodness!" The cute young lady says, wiping her hands on her apron. "This is for me?"

"Yes, I have given out this book to everyone in my life, and I think you should have a copy." He hands the package over. "It's a fairy tale, but for adults."

I am shamelessly eavesdropping and break into a smile as I turn to my partner. "The Little Prince!" I mouth.

He shakes his head. "What?" He mouths back.

The gentleman is looking to leave. "Well, I hope you enjoy it."

"Ohmigosh, thank you so much! Have a great day!" She waves to him as he leaves. "Wow! It's like Christmas! This is awesome!"

I lean across the table and say, "Well? What is it? I have to know!"

She isn't my waitress, after all, just works in the place. But she smiles and opens it. "It's The Little Prince! I've never read it."

I turn and grin to my partner. "I knew it!" He just rolls his eyes.

I'm a pint in, after all, so I turn back to the young lady. "I knew it was The Little Prince, as soon as he said it was a fairy tale for adults. I love that book."

The other bartender looks over and says, "So what is it? Oh, The Little Prince? Yeah he gave me that too."

It doesn't matter, you should both read it. I don't say this, but I think it, because I could tell that even though she already had it, she had not read it.

My partner says, "That's too creepy."

He has to live with my collection, after all. My collection of The Little Prince in 42 different languages. Because that's how much I love this book, that I needed a shelf dedicated entirely to it, and allow it to remind me how many different people there are in the world.

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