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The Serpent (Atlan Saga, Volume 1) - Jane Gaskell Strangely anti-woman. Cija hates every woman she comes across, but thinks she herself is pretty awesome. Somehow, this became endearing as she was painted quite well as both ignorant and innocent. Basically everyone in the novel, women included, are constantly telling her she needs to wise up, and she blissfully ignores them.

For some unknown reason, somewhere along the line, this first book was divided into two volumes. It's easy to come across the entire book as it was originally published, or the first half, but the second half, published as The Serpent, Part 2: The Dragon, is incredibly difficult to track down.

This is the last line of my copy, the DIVIDED version. If this is also the last line of your copy, I have bad news for you.

"His eyes were not fixed, staring glassily into space as the governor's had been; Smahil's eyes sought mine, and his were vivid with life, triumphant, tender, mocking."

Hopefully this will help your search, as I couldn't figure out for a long time whether the copy I had was divided or not.

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