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I like fantasy. The end.
The Red Wolf Conspiracy - Robert V.S. Redick All in all pretty enjoyable. Surprised I had never heard of it before, and the (several) climaxes were great. A quick summary would be:

1. We are told the boat sinks, in what we assume must be towards the end of the novel
2. Main characters make their way towards said boat, immediately setting off alarms bells of "No you idiot! Don't get on the boat!"
3. Boat shenanigans, in which varying levels of the conspiracy are unveiled
4. Main character leaves the boat, and thus follows a series of trials and tribulations that were so utterly ridiculous it lost me
a. The amazing coincidence machine
b. The main character is god like with usage of coincidences
c. Love interest
5. Everyone makes their way back to the boat
6. Climaxes

The only part that lost me would be point 4. I hate the amazing coincidence machine. SO MUCH. Otherwise, it kept my interest, the varying cultures were diverse enough that I had no problem keeping them straight, and the magic was cool and original. Would recommend for fantasy lovers.

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