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The Complete Anne of Green Gables Boxed Set - L.M. Montgomery As seen on Stumptown Books.

I had the boxed set of Anne of Green Gables sitting on a shelf next to the boxed sets of The Little House on the Prairie and The Chronicles of Narnia all through my childhood (I finished my reread of Little House last year, and I’m in the middle of Narnia right now). They were the last books I broached because the covers looked so much more adult, but I still read them at just about the right age. I think I was probably about 11 or 12, although I don’t rightly remember. I know I read the entire series, but after I started my reread last year, I quickly discovered that I remembered very little about it. I won’t be writing reviews of these books but will just record my overall feelings on the subject:

So glad that’s over.

I highly recommend books 1-3, but the series is best left alone after that. Anne becomes a caricature of herself by book 4, and then is banished to the background of the stories in books 5-8 as her children take over. Books 4 and 6 were written about 20 years after the rest of them and it really shows. There is a major drop in quality in those two installations. However, I did genuinely enjoy the first three books, and I was glad I decided to reread them.

Also please note that most of these books are out of copyright and can be obtained for free through Project Gutenberg.

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