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Murder In La Mut - Raymond E. Feist, Joel Rosenberg This review can also be read on my blog, Stumptown Books.

I fell in love with the world of Midkemia in Magician: Apprentice, and Magician: Master really solidified it for me. Feist’s world is incredibly fleshed out and a pleasure to escape into. I am following the reading order recommended by a fellow blogger for this series, which is not the order they were published in, but rather chronological. It was a hard decision to make! But I can’t help it, I like reading things in the order they happen. Having started with the four books of the Riftwar Saga, I moved on to Legends of the Riftwar. Honored Enemy I enjoyed as a pure action/war novel. I love troop movements and crap so it held my interest. Murder in LaMut, however, has some qualifiers.

You really need to love the world Feist has created for us to get any joy out of this novel. The first third or so, I was just happy to be back with Dukes and Barons and the odd mention of Crydee always plastered a smile on my face. It became, unfortunately, an exercise in boring, small town politics. I even enjoy politics a little when it involves the fate of an entire realm, kings and princesses and all that good stuff. This was just an earldom though, with more talk of Guy du Bas-Tyra than Prince Erland.

Failing an intense interest in the setting, maybe some joy in the three exchanging narrative voices might be had. For me, however, while it didn’t fail utterly, this was unable to capture my curiosity. The three mercenaries were interchangeable. They became in my head the big but slow guy, the small but slow guy, and the ugly but smart guy. This story could have just as easily have been told with just one or two narrators, but instead we had to keep up as the inner voice would change from paragraph to paragraph.

A good murder is always fun, but unfortunately the crime promised us in the title happens a bare 80 pages from the end. It’s followed by a shambles of an investigation, which wraps up incredibly quickly but just isn’t satisfying.

Compared to the grand scale of the Riftwar Saga, these novels are meant to bring us closer to individuals the war has touched. While I can appreciate the sentiment, it’s because I was a fan of the original novels that brought me to this point. Unfortunately, no other characters make an appearance that we know; at least, none that I know from having read the Riftwar Saga and Honored Enemy. Fantus, the firedrake, does make an appearance, who I’ve always found endearing and hilarious, but is unable to really…TALK. That’s fine, we don’t have to have cameos, but if it’s the world and the people in it that I love so much, I would love to have them accidentally show up. My fangirlism would go crazy for sure!

I love Feist’s writing and his world, but I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone except diehard fans of the series.

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