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Hounded - Kevin Hearne This book should be 4 stars, but it's not because of the absolutely horrendous and completely image shattering nerd references sprinkled throughout. Who knew a 2000 year old druid would know Star Wars and Southpark reference so well? I groaned audibly every time one came up; they were TERRIBLE. I really hope he downgrades that for the next books in the series, because I enjoyed the characters and the story otherwise. If you can make it past the guy comparing himself to Yoda, it's a fast paced story with lots of blood and guts. The duels were pretty lackluster however as the actual fighting was always over within one or two swipes of overpowered magical swords. I'm definitely curious as to where the series is going to go from here but I sincerely hope the nerd stuff will be left out.

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