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The Gratitude of Kings

The Gratitude of Kings (hardcover) - Marion Zimmer Bradley Picked this on a whim from the Amazon bargain bin, having no idea it's actually a novella set in the [b:Thieves' World|552357|Thieves' World (Thieves' World, #1)|Robert Lynn Asprin||1879450] - a setting many fantasy authors contributed short stories to build. For being plopped down in the middle of a world, it was actually ok. The magic was really cool, and gave me tons of good ideas for Dungeons and Dragons. This is from a 100 page book whose pages are 4 x 4 inches, and I was literally BRIMMING with ideas from it, so that says something.

On the not so bright side, this spoiler!

Seriously what the hell, the beautiful-on-the-inside girl decides she WANTS to stay with the glamor that is making her beautiful? Not because she actually wants it, mind you, but because her husband saw her for 2 seconds and is all WOW SHE'S A HAG CHANGE HER BACK. You're not even gonna TRY to win him over? BOO.

Read the entire thing in a little under an hour, and now I'll probably pick up Thieves' World sooner rather than later.

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