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Casting Off (Wool, #3)

Wool 3: Casting Off - Hugh Howey This review is also available on my blog, Stumptown Books.

Now this gets back into what I loved about Wool 1. We start off knowing how it is going to end, and just like in the first book, I simply had to know what was going to happen. We learn more about the insidious IT department after a whirlwind investigation that leaves us with another cleaning imminent. The last line has assured that I will be a FAN4LYFE and I can hardly wait to pick up Wool 4 to see what happens. Don't stop after Wool 2 (which I didn't like too much), this one is way better!

Am I the only one that finds the cover for this one totally creepy? The proportions are all off and it looks like the guy is gonna come get me if I look in a mirror in the dark or something.

P.S. I totally didn't get that the titles were knitting references. I fail at being a hipster. :(

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