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I like fantasy. The end.
Dragon Actually - G.A. Aiken Oh MY.


So, ok, I got this book today. I am thoroughly amused with myself and proceed to giggle incessantly with all the genre fiction employees at my bookstore.

"It's a paranormal romance, see. And the romance? It's a DRAGON!"

"The thing that makes it paranormal are his OTHERWORLDLY ABS."

"What, that's not normal?"

So I think I'm hilarious.

Then I come home and show it to my partner.

And HE says, "Oh yeah, there's like a whole subset of furry-dom that's based around dragons. Like, you could probably find a big ol' dragon dong."

I scoff.

I google search.

I come back wide eyed and scared.

But I still really want to read this book, you know, it just sounds so hilariously bad. I don't want to let the silicone dragon dicks ruin it for me.


Finally finished. What a slog. I'm disappointed for a couple of reasons. First, it was actually way more tame than I was hoping it would be. I was prepared for a lot more weird dragon sex than I got, and what sex there was...well...none of it was my style, I guess. The main character starts out as a virgin. I will never ever understand why a romance author would make that decision. Grown women who aren't virgins are your intended audience here, so a character who is a grown woman losing her virginity and screaming "Harder!" immediately is REALLY NOT PLAUSIBLE.

The sex had me laughing more than anything. It might be okay for you if you like oral sex, I guess, because there was A LOT of oral sex, and 90% of it was on the woman. I hope I never read the word "lapping" and "the folds of her sex" in the same sentence ever again. Shudder.

Ok, so I didn't like the sex much, but sex is such a distinctly personal preference. It also took place in a fantasy world with a war going on and a whole dragon court. There was actually a bad guy, and a whole story that the author tried to do, which made me even more bored than the boring sex.

So, sadly, I can't recommend this one. But now that I work in the "genre fiction" room at my bookstore, which includes not only my favorite genres, sci fi and fantasy, but it also has romance, paranormal romance, and erotica. So it's MARKET RESEARCH, see, cause I have to be able to give recommendations to people. Such a good excuse!

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