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Lord of Chaos - Robert Jordan As seen on Stumptown Books.

So you made it to book 6! Now that you're here, that means you finished book 5. Have this not really spoiler-y lolCat based off the second to last page of The Fires of Heaven!

Stolen from this comedy goldmine thread. It is hilarious but beware spoilers.

Rand finally has some real chapters in this book. Since book 2, The Great Hunt, he hasn't figured much as a point of view. Sure he had some chapters in the Aiel Waste, and the climax of book 5, but he was all caught up in becoming a man out of legend and stopped being interesting. He shows us how wrong that feeling was in Lord of Chaos. He is BATSHIT CRAZY in this book and it is awesome. Anytime you're in the middle of a Rand scene and voices in his head start talking to him, I highly recommend trying to picture it from an outsider's view point. He is insane. No wonder all these people tiptoe around his rooms; he mumbles and yells at some dude who has been dead for a very long time. All of the Rand scenes make this book memorable, and I can see why I had it in my head that this was my favorite of the series. (For the record, my favorite of the series is definitely book 4 now) For the first time, you feel bad for him.

The climactic battle of book 6 is one of the most well known and iconic scenes of the series. After how long the book took in getting there, I was hoping it would be longer. Like a lot of Wheel of Time, there's a lot of build up to a very quick pay off.

I understand now why I have read books 1-6 of this series so many times, but 7-9 only once. Though I was just halfway through this book, I wanted to start the series completely over again. I was actually nostalgic for the characters; I just wanted them to go back to Emond's Field and be happy and simplistic. I wanted to watch them grow into their power all over again, instead of having these crazy complicated lives that involve constant fear and death around every corner. Unfortunately, for many readers, this is why book 6 sounded the death knoll of the series. At this point, it is more satisfying to go back than it is to go on.

I still resoundingly argue that this is a great series. It is definitely not for everyone, but if you can find it in you to enjoy it, it is one of the most addicting fantasies out there.

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